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This is a short guide on how to start contributing to Elegy along with some best practices for the project.


We use poetry >= 1.1.4, the easiest way to setup a development environment is run:

poetry config true --local
poetry install

In order for Jax to recognize your GPU, you will probably have to install it again using the command below.

CUDA_VERSION=cuda101  # alternatives: cuda100, cuda101, cuda102, cuda110, check your cuda version
PLATFORM=manylinux2010_x86_64  # alternatives: manylinux2010_x86_64
pip install --upgrade $BASE_URL/$CUDA_VERSION/jaxlib-0.1.55-$PYTHON_VERSION-none-$PLATFORM.whl
pip install --upgrade jax  


An alternative way to contribute is using gitpod which creates a vscode-based cloud development enviroment. To get started just login at gitpod, grant the appropriate permissions to github, and open the following link:

We have built a python 3.8 enviroment and all development dependencies will install when the enviroment starts.

Creating Losses and Metrics

For this you can follow these guidelines:

  • Each loss / metric should be defined in its own file.
  • Inherit from either elegy.losses.loss.Loss or elegy.metrics.metric.Metric or an existing class that inherits from them.
  • Try to use an existing metric or loss as a template
  • You must provide documentation for the following:
    • The class definition.
    • The __init__ method.
    • The call method.
  • Try to port the documentation + signature from its Keras counter part.
    • If so you must give credits to the original source file.
  • You must include tests.
    • If you there exists an equivalent loss/metric in Keras you must test numerical equivalence between both.


To execute all the tests just run



We use mkdocs. If you create a new object that requires documentation please do the following:

  • Add a markdown file inside /docs/api in the appropriate location according to the project's structure. This file must:
    • Contain the path of function / class as header
    • Use mkdocstring to render the API information.
    • Example:
# elegy.losses.BinaryCrossentropy

::: elegy.losses.BinaryCrossentropy
        inherited_members: true
            - call
            - __init__
  • Add and entry to mkdocs.yml inside nav pointing to this file. Checkout mkdocs.yml.

To build and visualize the documentation locally run

mkdocs serve

Creating a PR

Before sending a pull request make sure all test run and code is formatted with black:

black .

Changelog is automatically generated using github-changelog-generator, to update the changelog just run:

docker run -it --rm -v (pwd):/usr/local/src/your-app ferrarimarco/github-changelog-generator -u poets-ai -p elegy -t <TOKEN>

where <TOKEN> token can be obtained from Github at Personal access tokens, you only have to give permission for the repo section.